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Hey i have my first computer build all up and running as of today and now i am looking to overclock. i am using a E8400 wolfdale 3.0ghz 6mb cache which i hear is amazingly easy to OC. i hope so =). i am using a Asus P5ql-Pro motherboard and i have enough cooling to handle anything. i do not want to push this thing into the ground. i am using it for gaming so i am just thinking maybe get it to 3.6? 4.0 at max providing its not incredibly unstable. so any help would be cool or like a guide? all i know is that you can overclock it .and it is easy on this CPU i have no idea how. thanks a lot.
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  1. well i was looking for something more part specific for my motherboard and cpu and my cpu isnt even listed in that. and i have read it and it doesnt really help...
  2. Its practically the same, your CPU is a Core 2 Duo and that motherboard in the tutorial is a LGA775 board. Its done by raising the FSB since the E8400 is a locked multi chip.
  3. All you have to do is apply the strategy from the guide to your application. Even though the guide is generic, all of the terminology applies to Intel Core2 processors.

    If you're looking for someone with your exact setup to walk you through, it's near impossible, because even someone with your exact setup may require different settings for the same overclock.

    Read over the guide, then try it out yourself. If you have problems, ask specific questions, folks are more than willing to help out.
  4. +1. I agree,
  5. Your cpu *is* listed there.

    You need to read this guide - or any guide to overclocking - for comprehension and understanding. As said above, there is no specific walkthrough for this game. It's a learning process, too.
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