Antec 900 + EVGA Nvidia 680i Mobo = Can fit 9800 GTX?

Hi. I was just wondering if the Antex 900 case with a Evga Nvidia 680i Mobo can fit a EVGA 9800 GTS video card?
This is.. somewhat a hard question to answer.. soo i'm mainly just looking for people who have the same set up... and can happen to answer my question, whether or not they've tried to fit the Graphics card Video card into the case. Because i've read that some people have had bad luck and bought a 9800 GTS card and some mobo and it doesn't fit into their case. So...

Any feedback would be helpful!

Also If it could support one... then would it support 2? or even 3? (because 680i can 3-way SLi, even though i'm not planning to with that mobo.. i'm just wondering)
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  1. If it doesn't fit in the default configuration, just unscrew the fanbays, move them forward a little so that they are still flush with the front borders of your case, and then screw them back in :x

    680i will support a 9800 GTX easily enough i'm sure, no reason why it wouldn't. The antec 900 case is pretty popular, but the only downside is it can be a touch cramped unless you move those fan bays forward.

    OP: do you already own this motherboard and tower?
  2. Yep. I do. Thanks for the info.
  3. The case will fit everything fine but only very tightly.

    Until recently I ran dual 9800 GTX's in my Antec 900, and they fit rather tightly. I had to move the HDD bays pretty far forward not because the card took all that room, but to allow sufficient clearance for the wiring (to front bays and what not). It is extremely tight with a fan installed at the end of the HDD bay, and I got rid of this fan altogether when I moved to SLI.

    The mobo fits with no problem (I have a 780i, not much different).

    While I like the Antec 900 a lot, it seems like it was designed for shorter graphics cards such as the GTS. I will certainly buy a bigger case for my next build (thinking Lian Li A70) to better hold 10.5 inch cards. This will allow better airflow and room for wiring.
  4. The 9800GTX is the same length as the 8800GTX, it should fit, you can not use the extra internal fan or a hard drive in that slot, but other then that it should be ok.

    This is not a 680i, but all PCI-E slots have to be the same distance from the back of the board.

    8800GTX, should be the same length, you can not have a drive in the way, its just too long

    Yes, thats an ATI cable on the CD drive :) why waste it.
  5. If the 9800gtx isn't longer than a 3870x2, then you'll have no problems. I have that in mine. The Antec Nine Hundred is the best case I've ever owned. It's amazing as far as space, cooling and style goes.
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