Gaming rig, wondering what u guys think

hey guys, im choosing parts for a gaming pc and im wondering if you guys can give any recommendations/suggestions on the parts i've chosen

Processor: Intel C2D E8400 LGA775 3ghz wolfdale $225.56
Motherboard: EVGA nforce 750i ftw $209.99
Memory: Corsair XMS2 DHX twin 2x4096-6400c5dhx 4gb ddr2 2x2gb pc2-6400 $144.99
Graphics card: bfg geforce 9800 gtx ocx $289.99
Case: Antec 900 Mid Tower Gamer Case $121.25
PSU: Corsair TX650W ATX 12V 52A $109.99
OS: Vista 64bit $113.85
HD: Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 500gb sata2 7200rpm $92
DVD Writer: LG GH22NP20 $29.41

i am also sort of wondering if this motherboard is a good choice for this system. i'm not really knowledgable about this part. suggestions are welcome. i've researched about possible motherboards quite a bit, but there are so many choices out there it was really hard to narrow down

about the OS, i've read about the 32bit vista's 4gb memory maximum, so i was thinking of maybe getting 64bit vista. but after reading about the difference in performance between the two, im not so sure anymore

and also do sata and sata2 plugs both plug into the same slot?
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  1. I suggest getting the Radeon 4850, it should cost about 200$ or less and should be near equal, if not the same performance as the Geforce 9800GTX.

    Beside that. All's good. :)
  2. mobo - $139

    GPU - $199.

    The board above is an intel chipset so it supports crossfire vs. nvidia chipsets and SLI. TH just released the review of the head to head comparison of the 9800GTX and the Radeon HD4850 had the same or better performance on almost all the tests. Plus it is $90 cheaper.

    Where did you find the parts you listed?
  3. Well I've decided to change the motherboard but not the video card because I am kind of worried about the higher temperatures that the HD 4850 produces because I have had overheating problems with my computer in the past. I only saw this from benchmarks, but I am there is more to it. You can still convince me to change, as long as heat will not be a problem.

    I found the parts I listed from
  4. As for the Windows Vista 64bit part... I recommend you save your money and keep Vista 32bit. If you need more memory then upgrade but if your not sure then don't upgrade and see how it feels first with just 4GB.

    Also I was thinking of buying a eVGA 780i until I read a review that eVGA sends refurbished boards as RMA's. This turned me off right there cause if you buy a new board then you should receive a new board or they should depreciate the value and send you a rebate.
  5. Strangely enough, the 64bit version of Vista was a couple bucks cheaper. Also, I kind of feel that if I buy the 32bit version Vista, I would end up wasting some of the RAM since the OS shows only about 3.x gb.

    What about ASUS? I know they have a 3 year warranty for motherboards, but do you know if they send new or refurbished boards as RMA's?
  6. 3.5GB is fine and 64 bit vista/XP does not work with loads of applications and runs into problems. I can't wait till windows 7 ( 64 bit standard ) so we can step out of the 32bit era but for now we're stuck.
  7. Can't I just get Windows XP then since Vista is kinda bad right now
  8. 32-bit vista, and get G. SKILL 2x2gb, it's $80 and performs great (i've used it)

    Go for 8800GTS or the 4850.

    i'd go for a p5k (good p35 board) mobo, or an x38 unless you really want SLI. SLI is fun, just keep in mind what you're realistically going to use.

    make sure that seagate is 32mb cache, you won't regret it.
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