HDD not showing up in My Computer Windows 7

I have two Hitachi drives... one with Vista one with Windows 7
I have a third drive with songs, movies, ect. its a Seagate Barracuda.
Vista recognizes the drive... and everything works fine.
But when i installed Windows 7 today it doesn't seem to be able to find the drive... it worked fine back in the spring when i had the beta installed.
The drive POSTS in the BIOS, and it shows up in the device manager. Also, in command prompt, when i type in F: (the drives name) it says "The device is not ready."

does anyone have any suggestions?
i've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the drive, updating drivers, firmware... nothing seems to work
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  1. Hey, i am not sure about this, i don't know anything about windows 7...yet but just a try, what filesystem is the hard drive?...NTFS, fat..etc? This could be one of the problems.
  2. it was NTFS
    i ended up going into disk manager, and renaming the HDD to H: and its now visible
  3. Hmm...very weird but at least it works :)
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