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I'm in the process of researching a backup solution for a small municipal library.

The library has three staff computers that need to be backed up. We have a wireless/wired network that connects the three staff computers, as well as four patron computers.

The three staff computers have Windows XP installed, and ~500gig hard drives in each of them. Currently they only have about 25gigs used on each so backing up 1.5TB isn't necessarily needed.

There is also an older Pentium D server that is collecting dust, unused, in a corner that I'm planning to use as the NAS. It has SATA ports for hard drives luckily.

I believe we have a wireless N/gigabit router that can be used. I think that the patron computers may be actually wired but I know atleast one of the staff computers is using a wireless G network adapter.

I've been reading some about FreeNAS, but I'm looking for any pointers as to what works best.

Ease of use is a must as I have to instruct the director of the library on how to use the system after it's implemented.

I have the go ahead to buy a couple new hard drives for the NAS, and possibly a network adapter/access point if needed.

In all, the main objective is just to back up these three computers, any advice/pointers would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. Remember that a sound backup strategy is to have at least two offline copies of data, one of which is offsite. A NAS is not normally offline nor offsite. If someone breaks into the library and steals all the computers and the NAS, then you're SOL.
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