Mobiity 3470 Overclocked

Mobility 3470 Overclock.

Sony VGN-FW139E. Bone stock.

Stable at 850/1100. Same Q4Bench FPS went from 28 to 42.
Tool used - "AMD GPU Clock Tool" ver
I watched the FPS rise as I continued to overclock and test -
I have no idea why Hypermemory and PowerPlay are "playing nice" with this overclock.
Ran COD4 online for hours - no problems.

Quite a lot of trouble to get this done, so I've decided to post.

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  1. Nice overclock, I still would never overclock a laptop.
  2. ^+1

    i also would never OC a laptop
  3. Guys, I've been building systems for overclocking and overclocking everything since 1997. Its my hobby and I am perfectly willing to risk a $1100(when new) Laptop to get playable frames in COD4,etc, for my children to play on. If it breaks, I'll get another, better laptop for them to game on.

    The Sony apparently (so far) has the thermal capacity to support this overclock in a 74 degree room.

  4. +1 ^ great overclock man!
  5. Hi, can you provide more details regarding your successful overclock?


    The video drivers you used.

    The max temperature of the video card.

    Any 3DMark06 score?

    The OS, did you use Vista?

    You said you had gone through quite some trouble to achieve this overclock. What proved to be difficult?

    In case you wonder, I am looking to buy a laptop with this 3470 videocard (Lenovo T400) and from my research, it seems not so easy to overclock these cards. People can't even change the clocks with the AMD GPU Tool.

    But obviously you have succeeded, please share more details, thanks. :)
  6. Hi back at ya,,,

    You are correct that ATI tool(s) are not successful. There are many other tweaking programs as well that will not work - I tried all of the ones I have as well as all the new ones I could find that claimed to be able to clock ATI video solutions. Researching, installing and testing these tweaking utilities is time consuming and risky - that is why I have posted, to save someone else the trouble. Laptop overclocking is only for those willing to risk the machine IMHO. - Are you?

    There is no way to "turn off" hypermemory- there is only faulty advise on how to do it. It is implemented in hardware,microcode(Bioses), and software. I challenge anyone to accomplish this. This overclock would seem
    to indicate that hypermemory can deal with 256k discrete at 1100 mhz and DDR at 800mhz. I am no expert on the details
    of ATI memory sharing architecture - is anyone out there an ATI Bios writer?

    Vista Home premium - Sony install.
    Catalyst drivers as installed from Sony.

    No temps or other benches available as I have achieved what I needed to do - playable FPS in COD4 for the kids.
    I apologise for this but I am an old man with limited time for this hobby.
  7. Thanks bandit, I think as long as the temperatures are monitored, there shouldn't be a risk to damage the machine. Of course, in the long run it could put stress on it and lead to premature hardware failure. I've done some overlocking back in my days too, but never on a laptop yet.

    But I am mostly curious of the overclocking capacity of the 3470, if it is good it can make a substantial difference in some intresting games, which can be nice even if you are not really a 'big gamer'.

    So to conclude, you used AMD GPU Tool 0.9.8, Vista and some stock Catalyst drivers from Sony.

    Thanks again man.
  8. Ok, been Fraps checking frame rates in COD4 while playing online. Of course console, sound, and video settings as well as the maps played offer different results.

    640x480 most settings off or on low = avg 111fps
    640x480 high textures only = avg 74 fps

    I have spent hours trying out different settings while using maxfps = 125 and maxpackets = 100. it seems that 800x600 with a little eye candy turned on will get averages in the 70's.

    Enter the correct maxpackets and maxfps and it is a good experience.

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