I am new in overclock stuff. I do some research and read my motherboard bios setup and set the value of Adjusted FSB frequency from 200 to 202 and got CPU frequency 2700 MHz to 2727.something. I just do it on test purpose to see the result. I calculated that my multiplier is 13.5. I did not alter any other settings like voltage or RAM frequency. Just increase the fsb frequency. After that i check it CPU z and see that my RAM frequency decrease from 800 MHz to 772 MHz. When i do my research i get the impression that my RAM bus speed will increase automatically when my CPU frequency will increase[http://forums.amd.com/forum/messageview.cfm?catid=11&threadid=90774]. If i get it wrong then plz indicate the real fact. I am planning to overclock in present in stock cooler and i target to achieve 2.7 Ghz to 2.8 Ghz. So to do that what will be the core voltage that i need to set and i am from Bangladesh and climate is here is quite hot. So will the stock cooler will be up to the task . My configuration are given below.

CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X2 5200+ Brisbane 2.7GHz.

MotherBoard: MSI K9A2CF F 790x (Version 1)

Graphics Card: ATI Radeon 4770

RAM: 2*2gb 800 Mhz(At present 772 MHz)

Hard disk: 250 GB SATA


PSU: 420w Thermaltake

Monitor: Dell 19" wide screen(1440*900)

If u guys need more info like the load temp of CPU n other things plz let me know

Thanks in advance
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  1. your memory wasn't running at DDR2-800 speed to begin with (2700MHz/7 ~ 386MHz or DDR2-771), so you did increase the speed by 1MHz

    this is because of the way the athlon's (and x's) calculated the memory speed based off of the cpu clock speed, they take the clock speed and divide it by the multiplier divided by 2 rounded up (12->6,12.5 to 14->7)
  2. 13.5*207 ~ 2800MHz
    2800 / 7 = 400MHz or DDR2-800, so when you OC to 2.8GHz you will get the actual speed out of your ram
  3. mindless728 said:
    13.5*207 ~ 2800MHz
    2800 / 7 = 400MHz or DDR2-800, so when you OC to 2.8GHz you will get the actual speed out of your ram

    Yeah u r right. But the ques arise in my mind is that is there any need to increase core voltage and what abt the overheat possibility
  4. that cpu should be able to reach 3.0ghz easily, maby even more, you dont need to increase voltage, i have a brisby 4400+ 2.3 running at 2.8, and i can even get it to 3.1
    on stock voltage just ensure the cpu dosent reach the thermal limit 62*C but you should set your ram to 667/333 if you plan to go past 2.8, but id prefer you software oc the cpu, if you do it in bios, it will not post until the bios is reset. use clockgen. but if you just 1t 2.8 just set the fsb to 208, no further tweaks are necessary.
  5. Hi Xaira
    Thank u for ur reply. I just OC my cpu to 2808 Mhz and thanks to mindless728 bcs now my ram working original 401 Mhz or 802 Mhz. N the thing that concerned me previously (overheating) happened. I just run a load of over 50% n one core just hit 60 C like magic. What is ur suggestion ?
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