C2D e7200 or should I wait

Ok. I've been asking questions around here and everyone's help has been great so far. I'm planning on ordering the components for my build tonight, unless decide to hold off on the processor. So what I was wanting to know is....
I've read a little bit today about the e5200 coming out at the end of the month. And for around $30 cheaper than the e7200 I was planning on getting. From what I could find it is supposed to be good at overclocking (something I'm probably going to try in a few months), but I don't know much more about it. Does anyone have any opinions on it? Do you think I should wait to get that one or go with the 7200 now?

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  1. I say just go with a e7200. Why wait longer? I dont think its worth it.
  2. It's a nice chip (12.5x multi, 2mb cache compared to 3 for e7200) but if you are not an extreme overclocker i don't think it worth it. To me it looks like a replacement for the e2xxx series wich ppl overclock at 80%. I think the 1 mb more cache the e7200 has and the 2-3 weeks you won't have to wait worth to get the e7200.
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