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I had my laptop stolen but they left my WD Passport with my backups from WD Anywhere backup. Now, I'm trying to restore everything on my new laptop and it works ok. Everything comes across and no error messages, but my "Personal Folders.pst" files do not get restored. My contacts.pst files do, but not the personal folder. Any idea what could be happening and how to get access to this file? When I look at the directory tree and can see the file exists, 4.2Gb but it doesn't seem to restore. Any help?
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  1. I don't know anything about this proprietary service, you would need WD support i guess.

    Generally i do not recommend using technology you don't understand; backups are best done on plain disks in another computer, so you know how to operate it and how to recover without relying on some company or some piece of proprietary software. However, this advice is no help to you now.

    Sorry i can't help you i'm afraid.
  2. Are you saying that you are using WD's software to restore your system? If this is the case, and it is not restoring your Personal Folders.pst file, you can just restore that yourself.

    Just go into Outlook and select import/export, then import files from other programs, then choose .pst files, then select your file's location. I think those are the correct names of the menu choices, but depending on your version, it might be slightly different.
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