Photoshop CS3 - need to rethink system

cm 690
ultra x3 800w
asus p5e ws pro
core 2 quad q9450
zipang cpu cooler
8gb patriot ddr2
3 seagate 500gb raid5
2 additional identical hdd for hot swap backup using icy dock mb123ik
sapphire hd3850
hp dvd1070i
liteon dvd lh-20a1l-06
vista ultimate x64

so the above is what i bought and a few of the pieces are going back. everything kind of went together and i got the system to load and boot with no issues until the back end of updating vista. one of the updates froze the computer. reinserted os disk and ran repair and it fixed it sort of, a couple more reboots and it appeared normal again.

originally got a cm real power pro 650w for the build. the 4pin lead for the cpu was not long enough to reach the connector. ran to local electronic store and picked up the one above and the 4pin lead was 1.5" longer and works.

case i do not like how the side panels fit to the case (gaps), the top piece is not in line with the front piece nor the way these spring tension plates keep falling off when trying to attach additional devices. it is huge, are there no standards for what is called a mid tower?

the stock cooler seems to be keeping the chip at an identical temp to that of the aftermarket one, back it goes. noise seems to be the same

graphic card is huge and will not fit into the first pci slot because the passive cooler being on the left hits the memory. i think i have an issue with power as well. i will downgrade the card a bit so it does not need as much power.

icy hot says it is sata and sas. if you look to hard at it you might second guess whether a sata drive will work. it does just put it in there. have a sata plugged into it but not seeing the lights or it regestering the drive in components. that may go back to my thought sthat i am overloading the psu.

vista ridiculous size and loading time for all the language packs. 2 days for half of the available packs. they should already be on the disk. i do not want to see them every time i go to check for updates. the repair function seemed to work very well, slow but well. so far am not too impressed running it with 4gb of memory. the other systems i have had to compare it to had 2gb. messed up and only ordered 1 of 2 sets of 4gb when i ordered. will get the other set and see what happens.

hdd set them up with 128kb stripe, think maybe i should have went with like 16kb.

cpu seems to be running steady 44c, fsb 1335.04 and alternates between 2003.77mhz and 2671.69mhz
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  1. If you don't want to see the language packs, you can always "hide" them - right click on the language pack and hide it.
    I use the 64bit Vista Ultimate and till a few months ago, only had 4GB RAM on it. I run sql server, asp .net, Dreamweaver, Photoshop CS3 and didn't have any problems with it (and I only have an E6600. True, it was slow for the first week or so (while it indexed everything), but no performance issues since then.
    I recently got a good deal on another 4GB RAM so I upgraded to 8GB. I do notice a performance improvement on SQL server when under heavy load, but other than that, I don't see much gain.
  2. yeah there is that option but i would know they were hidden. all loaded now.

    so i ran prime95 last night and it stayed running for 9.5 hours before a window pooped up saying it encountered an error. looked in the report file and it doesn't indicate anything in there about an error. any thoughts?
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