2x MSI 8800GT SLI and 177.41 w/ PhysX

Hey guys,

Just tried installing the 177.41 w/ the PhysX driver and tried running benchmarks. Got through 3dmark Vantage however 3dmark06 blue screened on me. Then i started getting bluescreens in games so i went back to 175.19.

Wondering if people were having the same experience, i'm running 2x MSI 8800GT G92 and was curious if this was the 177.41 driver or the PhysX driver. Also, i thought it might've been a heating issue but i'm not convinced of that either. I tried RivaTuner but that did not solve my bluescreen issue.

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  1. The 177s drivers only support 280gtx and 260gtx, and not earlier cards. The highest you can go is 175s.
  2. Your absolutely right, NVidia drivers 177.41 where designed for the GT2xx and the 9-series cards. However, drivers were modified so that they could run on the 8800GTs. I was having an issue with them and was hoping somebody else was having the same problem and had a possible solution.

    If not, obviously im going to have to stick with the 175.19 drivers until NVidia comes out with PhysX drivers or something for the 8800 cards which may not be very likely.
  3. Ok we'll see Physx then in about a week or two on CUDA enabled GPUs.
  4. To be honest I don't even have physx working right on my GTX 280, I installed all the drivers but when I load UTIII physics maps it just freezes. I uninstalled ut3 3 times (and the patches) and I now I can't even play normal levels.
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