Can't see hard drives in My Computer?

In my recently built system, I have 4 HDD. 1 WD Caviar Black,2 Seagate and 1 Samsung. They're all connected through SATA. In device manager everything is good and they are recognized, but when I go to My computer I only see my primary drive,the WD caviar black, the rest is not
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  1. Check your BIOS to see if the hard drives are there. Also, try the address of your drive in windows explorer... for example, if the seagate address is F, write this F:\ and check.

    It's probably related to Windows.
  2. are they formatted? if they have no partition and are not formatted. then you won't be able to see them in my computer
  3. In BIOS I only see WD,and Samsung..
    "DAFT" I think ure right, I dont have any partition and they weren't formated, I'm trying to find a way to format them now,but how???since I dont see them..I see them in storage management,but there is no option to format them
  4. right click them. it should show "create partition" or partition drive. when you make the partition it will format it for you in either NTFS or FAT. depending on what you want. (go NTFS)
  5. Okkkkk,Now I got it,thanks man. Everyhting is fine now!
  6. your welcome
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