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could anyone tell me what wattage the power supply is in this computer - Packard Bell iXtreme 8540. would i be able to swap the 9500GS which comes with this with my 8800GTX? would it be worth swapping? if the power supply isnt powerful enough would i be able to swap the psu from my old computer to the new one and is it hard to do?
thx, richard
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  1. You should be to swap in the 8800. How big is your other PSU?

    The answer you got the Packard Bell forums is pretty close as well. Open the case and look to see what the wattage is.

    Youll need 500 watt plus to run a 8800 GTX.

    Changing a PSU isn't hard, but you do need to pay attention to where all the wires go.
  2. I cant say why or whatever. But no. Thats a 250w PSU. And ill refrain for further explanations.
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