swap a 9500GS wih a 8800GTX?

could anyone tell me what psu a 9500GS requires? because im trying to work out if i can swap the 9500GS that comes with my new pc with my 8800GTX but i cant find what power supply the new pc has. :/ also if the psu is not high enough wattage, would it be easy to swap the psu from my old computer with my new computer? thx, richard
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  1. Wait, I'm confused. You're trying to take an 8800GTX and swap it OUT for a 9500GS? Or are you doing the reverse? Because if you're switching the 8800GTX for a 9500GS, then I'm sorry, but that's not a good idea. The 8800GTX is a very powerful card and would eat the 9500GS for breakfast. Also, if the PC in question can run the 8800GTX, then it can most definately run the 9500GS.

    Unless you're trying to do the opposite (swap out 9500GS for 8800GTX), then that's good and I'm not quite sure what an 8800GTX needs, but I'd say somewhere in the range of 28 amps and 500W. I'd double-check with someone else though.
  2. im taking the 9500GS out and putting the 8800GTX in, the pc is a packard bell iXtreme 8540
  3. Ah I see. Well you'd have to figure out the wattage on the PSU then. Should be a sticker on it somewhere that gives some details about it's wattage and amperage. Or maybe visit Packard Bell website and it'll give you details.
  4. did you say packard bell?!?! i remember my first packard bell... it was horrible :)
  5. <still owns a Packard Bell

    Again, without knowing anything about the PSU, it's hard to tell that it will work or not.
  6. They still make Packard Bells? REALLY?
  7. I think Packard Bells are for non-American markets. That is probably a good idea. Mine sucked back in the day as well as almost every other one sold in the states. But look at the bright side...we still have eMachines to poke fun at...
  8. I saved my packard bell keyboard just for kicks ; )

    133mhz intel Pentium
    16mb of ram
    1mb Vram
    OH YEAH!!!!!
  9. just keep 9500gs
  10. I checked out the Packard Bell site and it is indeed more for the European market. Heck, the English site is meant for UK.

    From what I can tell, the PCs there (haven't checked anything else) are pretty weak. Their best 'Xtreme' system touts the 9500GS our friend here has. Don't know prices though because their website navigation is horrible and you'd think a price tag would be a lot easier to find.
  11. Why not get an 8800gt or HD 4850?
  12. Uh well the 8800gtx would first of all just stomp over and literally destroy a 9500GS anytime and anywhere. The 8800gtx will require an absolute minimum of a 450watt power supply, but that ofcourse is if you have one hardrive, one optical drive, minimum extra hardware and a not very powerful cpu. If u have multipul hardrive/optical drives and and overall powerful computer, I would go for a 500watt+ powersupply. Also about swapping your psu from your old computer, it must be compatible with your new computer, I am sure another poster can give you more detials about that topic :)
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