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I have a DELL inspiron 2400. I can't get connected to the internet. when I check "device manager' it shows that there is a problem with my driver thats used to connect to the internet. I have tried to download device drivers from different Dell sites but they tell me to go to some site and that site will scan ny computer, and repair my drivers. the problem is I can't cet on the internet with the computer that i am having the problem with. Is there somewhere, where I can get the drivers for this computer? DELL inspirion 2400, Windows XP, 1gb Ram, 80gb hdd, I hope that's enough info.

Jim McCartney
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    thanx grumpy . the name problem is the least of my problems. i've got bigger problems in my heah and my fingers that i should keep tied under my armpits so that i can't use them. i do have a dimention2400, not what i said i had. i.ll give your driver a try.

    thanx again
    jim mccartney
  2. montyuk said:

    thanx montyuk i have a dimention2400 not what i said it was. i;m not the tightest nut in the cup.

    thanx again
    jim mccartney
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