Wierd Problem, Not Able To Install OS

So, recently i built a new computer, everything worked, until i tried to install the OS, windows xp, and windows xp pro 64 bit, is what ive tried, it always goes through, takes forever, but at the end part, where you finish up installing, it just stays there, forever... ive read through some of the books, of the hard drive (Seagate Barracuda SATA hard drive) , and the motherboard, (Gigabyte GA-965P-DS3) , at the final installation part, it says 39 minutes remaining, or whatever time, but it ends up taking over 24 hours just to complete, and then on the windows loading screen, it stays there, and wont let me into the actual OS, ive tried using the GIGABYTE SATA preinstall drivers using a floppy, but i cant find any compatible with x64

Also, their customer support isn't working, so if anyone can please help me get this started, i would appreciate it.

Thank You.
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  1. Did you set the memory voltage?
    Run memtest86+ and check for errors.
    Tell us about your power supply and other hardware.
    Please go over this checklist.

    "New build won't boot" checklist

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