Core i7 + DFI LP DK X58 - modest overclock help

Anyone using this particular motherboard? I've encountered some frustration trying to get things right. I haven't tried my hand at overlocking in years so my goal with my latest build was a very modest 3.2 GHz CPU to match the higher-end retail i7 speed using a 920. I'm also using windows 7, perhaps not the best platform for testing new hardware but I don't have another 64bit OS to make use of 6GB RAM (so far very impressed with Win7).

DFI LP DK X58 - T3eH6, selected mainly for placement of the PCI slots allowing for better airflow with two graphics cards.
OCZ Platinum DDR3 1600 (rated at 7-7-7-24)

The problem is this - I've reached the target CPU speed easily at stock voltage by several different BCLK and multiplier settings (preferred 20x 160 or 16x 200) but the moment I try to touch the memory settings, windows fails to boot.

With 20x multiplier on core/uncore and 10x on the DRAM settings, I should be sitting pretty at 3.2 GHz CPU and 1600 MHz DRAM. Or am I missing something? Even with memory voltage juiced to 1.65V and 1.3V CPU VTT windows pukes when trying to load.

I realize a recent Tom's article showed little real-world performance difference in the memory speed but the I'm bothered on an oddly personal level that I'm defeated by a machine. Anyone have insight to share?
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  1. Anyone else using this motherboard? With a change to the multipliers (16/8x) and leaving the DRAM timing on auto settings I got it up to 1333 MHz but I still can't wrap my head around why I'm unable to reach 1600 - unless I'm quite mistaken on my math the scenario described above *should* work.
  2. i'll be using the dfi lanparty x58-ut-t3eh8 or maybe the asus p6t x58
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