How to add 3 or how to add 2 more hdd in esisting raid 1


May I know how to add 2 more SATA HDD on my existing windows 2003 r2 server with raid 1 already implimented. I have enough SATA port on my mother board (mother board intel S5000). Can any one help me.
if any one knows please send an emial to me
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  1. Since you already have a RAID1 array, i assume you want an additional array? Like your current RAID1 is drive C: and you want a second array that becomes D: ?

    What's your question exactly, since i fail to see a problem definition.
  2. Hi,

    Thanks, for your reply.

    Yes, I have a RAID1 array of SATA 160GB HDD x 2. Now i am short of space on C: drive, I want add one more array of SATA 500GB HDD x 2. Is it possible to add one more array without loosing the data or reinstallation of Win2k3 OS?

  3. Sure just add a second RAID-array and it'll be called D: and co-exist independently from the C: drive (which is your current RAID1).
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