2x 8800GTS (G92) SLI or other

I've recently put together a list of all the components for my new computer, I'm doing a full build and will be spending around 1300 dollars. However, I've been caught up on what I always am, which graphics card to choose. I originally planned on going with 2x 8800GTS (G92), but after doing some research I managed to get lost in the sea of available cards. What I've been looking at now is either what I mentioned before or 2x GeForce 9800 GTX or a single 9800 GX2. Really what I'm curious of is what would be the best video card(s) for around 400 dollars. I have read all of the articles on this subject and paged through the forums but still would like a little more input before I make a purchase. Also, is there any real difference between BFG Tech and EVGA? Whatever advice you have to give will be helpful.
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  1. If you want to go the dual card route, I recommend getting 2 HD 4850's (which can be found for $160 AR) and putting them in a crossfire setup. Intel chipsets are generally better then Nvidia's and cheaper too. Even a P45 is a fairly good budget chipset. The HD 4850's will easily beat the 8800GTS pair, and beat the 9800GTX pair in most tests.

    If you still want to go the NVIDIA route, I would go for either the 8800GTS or 9800GTX pair. Make sure you have enough connectors for the 9800GTX pair, as each card needs an 8-pin and 6-pin- though most distributors include an adapter for one of the power slots.

    I personally prefer BFG Tech for they're amazing customer service, stepup programs, lifetime warranty, etc. EVGA is similar in quality and services, but I'm pretty sure most will agree that BFG Takes the cake for cust service. Oh, and BFG's cards tend to look cooler :P (like it matters.) Both are great brands, though, so I would just go with whatever you can find cheaper.
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