low e8400 3dmark score...possibly using only one core?

I noticed this first on my g15 lcd screens performance monitor. My cpu used to show two separate lines in the cpu bar for how much it was using (this was before I formatted my hard drive after having issues with a mobo) and now it only shows 1. I checked in the task manager performance monitor and there was only one box, also realtemp shows only the option to display the temp of core 0.

I thought this was odd, also I didn't get the kind of performance I was used to out of my processor (oh yeah, it's an e8400 btw) so I ran 3dmark to find out what it said my cpu score was. It displayed the following results

SM2.0 score 4641
HDR/SM3.0 score 4695
CPU score 1645

The list for performance benchmark of toms for the e8400 is 2789. link to chart page (also shows which processor I am getting performance similar to...an e6300...)-- http://www.tomshardware.com/charts/cpu-charts-2007/3dmark06-cpu,370.html?p=1267%2C1257

I also have my cpu overclocked (even before overclocking all the above were only showing one core) from the standard 3.0ghz to 3.825ghz.

So my question is why is my cpu only using one core and how do I get it to use both cores.

Thank you in advance for all the expert help delivered by toms members!!!
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  1. TEMPS!!!!!!!!!!1

    If its hot its throttleing!
  2. temps are stable...never reaches 60C idles at high 30s and under load typically high 40s low 50s. (on air cooling)
  3. Well after you formatted your HDD did you load the mobo drivers, especially the chipset drivers. Sounds like you missed a driver somewhere, if its not a heat problem.
  4. I did install the drivers (my Ethernet and therefore internet wasn't working so I had to get them from another computer) I tried reinstalling them anyway but no luck.

    Please don't tell me this is a hardware problem, I don't want to have to replace my cpu :(
  5. Just curious here. When you open the performance tab of the Task Manager, do you see 2 windows open under CPU Usage History?
  6. I'm going to quote myself

    I checked in the task manager performance monitor and there was only one box

    So yes, there is only one box not two. ;)
  7. I have the same processor and on 3d mark 06 scored 11,700....no overclocking at all on the system...is this alright or should I be getting higher scores...

    Intel 8400 cpu ( 9 x 333 ) Stock cooler
    Gigabyte 4850 ( 650 , 1100 clock speed thru overdrive ) fan fix enabled
    500 g Seagate HD
    Gigabyte P45-DS3L M/B
    4gig Corsair CMX memory 6400 (800 ) 4 lots of 1 sticks
    650 watt true Power psu
  8. Oops! I would check your BIOS, make sure it is up to date and check for settings that may indicate a down throttling of our CPU at higher voltages. Disable Speedstep Tech.
  9. Hey would you open up the device manager and check out how many processor's are being shown there. If there is only one it seems like it would probably be a driver issue. It would mean your computer is only seeing one core. I've also never heard of a processor losing 1 core. Especially if you've never exposed your processor to alot of heat.

    Also when you reformatted your HDD did you re-install the same OS as you had on your computer before? This could also associate a software issue. (I.E. Vista to XP)
  10. Ifyou didn't use a mobo CD or go to a website and download all your drivers you need to do so. If your mobo is missing important drivers there noothing you can do.

    Since it worked before the format, it has to be a driver issue.
  11. ...By get them from another computer, I meant I used the other computer to go to nvidia's website (mobo is a 750i) download the drivers for gf (8800gts 640mb) and mobo put them on a flash drive, then install them from the flash drive to this pc. Also, I downloaded the most up to date drivers from nvidias website earlier today and installed them.

    Not a driver issue.
  12. There will be like 10-15 drivers atleast for a mobo. If you didnt get them all you might be missing a important one.

    Formatting doesn't change hardware so its most definately a driver problem unless theres something you havent told us.
  13. Well, I did have some problems with my cpu cooler at first, but that was when I built the computer and before formatting the drive...Hmm...I did have to RMA a motherboard (exact same 1 I have now) and just before I RMAd the mobo was when I formatted the drive...(Yes, I really did have a defective mobo, it had a bad PCIe slot :( ) I did put the same os on the hdd that I had before, but it was a recent (less than a month) XP to Vista (current one is Vista) upgrade.

    @Roadrunner, are you sure there should be that many? On Nvidia's site there is only 1 download and that includes all the driver installs. I think it only had 5 or 6 though (didn't actually count so it could be more) for the 750i. I also checked EVGA (mobo makers) web site, and they have the same driver version.

    Also device manager doesn't show I'm missing any drivers (I know it doesn't always know what your missing, especially with chipsets).

    Reset bios to defaults...No change.
  14. @foghorn

    is that the default 3dmark06 test? my 9600gt + q6600 (@ 3.0ghz)scores 12k on it...
  15. Dude stop freaking out, there's nothing wrong with your cpu. Sometimes the ACPI or APM doesn't pick up the second core. I don't know if there is a way to pick it up via the software, most people reload the OS. Try and install your mobo drivers via USB or floppy at post if possible.
  16. Epicly old thread but I thought I'd mention if you throw a dual core in a previous single core, from which the operating system was installed. It will be seen as a Uni-processor system. The only way to fix is a fresh install so windows will use the Multi-processor system configuration.

    I have a Dual Xeon 3Ghz system with 4 threads since it's 2 Single Core's with hyperthreading.

    3dmark03-06 etc all see just 1 core which is crazy annoying causing my scores to be low.

    This is on an optimally configured windows 7 ultimate x86 system.

    It may also be a limit of 3dmark06... Vantage may take full use of the multi threads.

    If you only see 1 chart in performance monitor in task manager then you had a single core when u installed windows and installed the dual later.

    Or in the bios you have the other core disabled.
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