P5B-MX wifi DOESN't see IDE CD-ROM yet finds HDD

I have something like problems described here: http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/forum/195386-12-doesnt-support yet i find no solution.

I Have Asus P5B-MX wifi with only on IDE socket on the board, and two IDE devices an HDD and CD-ROM (dvd-rw actually), so no matter how i try to connect the CD-ROM it is not visible in BIOS, on booting up it says Primarely Slave (or whatever as i tried everything) not detected, it detects my HDD and then a USD mass storage device, which is probably my DVD as if i disconnect it it doesn't detect USB MASS STORAGE it anymore , i only have logitech wireless combo of keyboard and mouse connected via USB, i have no other devices...

My goal is to install windows of course. I have two more computers, an Apple Mac Book adn a XP x64 based workstation (3 years old)... what do i do? I read about Jmicron controller yet can't find it in BIOS and have no idea how to turn it on or off if i have to...

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  1. Have you set the master/slave jumpers correctly?


    That's the way.
  2. sure... my mobo doesn't see any DVD or CD-ROMS connected to IDE even if i connect only one device without hdd and set it as master...
  3. There's no JMicron controller for IDE on that motherboard. What's the IDE Configuration for:

    - ATA/IDE Configuration
    - IDE Detect Time Out
  4. one thing try using cable select,,put the hdd on the farthest connector and the dvd on the nearest,if it does not work,,then,,try it in one of your other machines to see if they can detect it or not,and make certain that the connector is firmly and evenly seated,can't tell you how many times i have made mucho dinero on that one,done it to myself a couple of times too..:)
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