Why does my Internet Explorer open faster on one computer and takes forev er on

The Internet Explorer 8 on my XP takes forever to open. It opens in an instant on my Windows Vista. Why is the IE 8 so slow opening on the Windows XP?
Would appreciate any suggestions. Would it be because the XP is connected by wireless adapter? Would appreciate any help.
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  1. Most likey the Addons that you have installed on your XP machine that may be slowing it down because when you open IE, it will also try to load all the addons you have installed.

    In IE 8, just click on [Tools] then [Manage Addons] and disable all the addons that you don't use and see if that helps.

    If it's still a problem, you may have to use HiJackThis (http://free.antivirus.com/hijackthis/) instead. HiJackThis is really good at detecting all other addons and especially good at detecting Browser Hijacks.
    Here's what you can also do:

    1. Download HiJackThis, make sure there is no "iexplore" processes running in Task Manager (Internet Explorer) and then run HiJackThis.

    2. Choose "Scan Only".

    3. After the scan completes, look for items that has "BHO" next to it.

    4. Remove the tick next to the ones that look suspecious (if you're not sure, Google is your friend). My suggestion is to just remove them all and then test if that improves the load time of IE. Then you can start Googling up what the BHO and IE addons are used for then enable them one by one.

    Hope that helps.
  2. It could be something to do with what superfishnz said, or it could simply be one computers hard drive is less fragmented or less full than the other.

    You could always download a cleaner tool like TuneUp Utilities (my recommendation, has a massive variety of tools which are very simple to use) or CCleaner which ive never used before but because TuneUp offers many more features.

    The fact that one computer is connected wirelessly shouldn't affect your browser start up speed, only your actual browsing speed. If one computer has better specs than the other, then it will also be faster. Age can also have an impact... I'm assuming your XP is older than your Vista. If you have never formatted the hard drive on an old computer, it'll get slower and slower as time goes on and old data builds up on the hard drive.

    Hope I helped :)
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