Best upgrade for my PC???

What would be the most ideal upgrade for gaming on my PC?

I have:
2.2GHz AMD Athlon X2 4200
1.5GB PC3200 RAM
350 Watt stock PSU (my upgraded one fried)
Geforce 8800GTS 320mb

My computer seems to be a little bit bottlenecked so what would you guys recommend to improve gaming speeds? Better PSU or Cooling so I can overclock more? more RAM? Maybe even new GFX card? I am only going to do one upgrade so what would help games the most?
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  1. video cards almost always help the most in games. look at a 9600gt or 8800gt without upgrading ur psu. gonna be a stretch anyway with that little power. but you need to give us more info such as mobo, psu specs, games u play, budget, etc.
  2. well my mobo cant upgrade the processor and i doubt more ram would help on xp. if i bought a high quality psu could i overclock my gpu about 100mhz? or would a cooling system do a better job of that?

    sorry im typing on a ps3 lol
  3. i dont have a budget but price per performance is what im shooting for. i play games like crysis.
  4. dude ur stuck. i wouldn't spend any money on this rig if i were you. i'm not sure what you mean about ur mobo not being able to upgrade the processor but a 100 mHz OC is practically nothing and certaintly doesn't require a new PSU.
    In everyone's current PC life they have to take a step back and realize that putting more money into a dying system for minimal gains is foolish. It would be much wiser to save a little and spend a little extra to build a new system that will blow ur old one away. I think that time for you is now.

    And it may not be that hard. Cheapest way: reuse ur case, psu, hdd, dvd/cd drive, video card, and other peripherals. Then just get a decent mobo, cpu, and ram. And upgrade the rest as you can. That's what i always do. here's an example:

    solid MB:

    OC'able CPU (u have many options here):

    Very good ram:

    That's about a $200 upgrade and you'll be much better off in the long run.
  5. How did your upgraded PSU fry? If you're using something like a Raidmax 350 that came with a barebones, you're in dangerous territory. Get a decent PSU by Antec, Cosair, Thermaltake or Seasonic.

    Even better, get a UPS to protect from surges and make sure any PSU you use has active PFC. You might have problems with your current so if you overclock your card with the stock 350 watt PSU, you could run into spikes that it can't handle.

    As for bottlenecks, one way around that is to game at a higher resolution. I'm CPU limited too, but won't be when I get a 1920 resolution 24" this fall. If you're stuck at 1280 x 1024, that's where the bottleneck is. Your CPU can't keep up with the graphics card at that resolution, but at a higher res, the CPU will be able to keep up.
  6. thanks for the advice, but if I'm going to buy a new motherboard shouldnt I buy one with SLI or CF?
  7. Sure you can get whatever motherboard you want. You just said you wanted the best price/performance so i showed you the Gigabyte. Sli and CF setups get expensive quick but you know what you want so good luck. have fun!
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