EXTREMELY low 3dmark 06 score 4850

so recently my friend got his 4850 using a 420 watt enermax noisetaker psu which he already had, he ran 3dmark 06 and got only 6.2k points, this card is giving 1/2 of its ideal performance in not just 3dmark but also games, in tf2 he would get 90fps where as i would get 180 fps with my 8800gt, he has an e6600 cpu at stock (we will overclock this soon), and 2 gb of 6400 kingston hyper x ram, and a GIGABYTE GA-P35-S3G mother board.

so would you guys think this would be a psu problem? if it is he said he will get a corsair 550hx psu tomorrow.

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  2. New psu...doesn't matter how fast your hardware is if it cannot get the power it needs to perform. Try a new one. Also, ood luck on oc'ing the cpu. What is your goal to reach...in Mhz? I got 3.6 on my e6750 but i want to go higher for some reason.....
  3. maybe 3.4 - 3.5 :)
  4. If you have a spare (or a friends) PSU, you could connect it directly to the 4850 and test again. Just short the green wire to black (with a paper clip or something).

    From what I read the 4850 takes roughly 250w of power fully loaded.

    That's only leaving you with a 170 for everything else. I would think you would definitely see issues with OCing.
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