Choosing a Sound Card -- Would appreciate some input.

Greetings. :hello:

I'm in the process of choosing a sound card for my computer. Right now I am running onboard sound with my ASUS P5Q motherboard and every so often I'll hear some hiss or crackling.

I've been doing some research on my own, inside these forums and out, about the different brands for sound cards and what not, and I'm still not quite sure which brand/model to go with. I understand Asus has quite a following with its Xonar card and so does Auzentech with their X-FI line. Creative seems to have bashed around lately do to their poor handling of driver support and the Daniel_K incident. I don't know whether or not they've gotten their act together in regards to x64 Vista support, which is the operating system I'm using.

My current specs for my computer:

Intel E8400 @ 3.6GHz
Asus p5q motherboard
4GB G.skill Ram
640GB SATA 3.0GB/s HD
PC Power & Cooling 610W Power Supply

I am running Windows Vista Home Premium x64.

I guess really I'm just looking for a bottom line. What sound cards will work in x64 Vista, best bang for buck wise.

Thanks =)
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  1. I've had no real issues with Creative's newer X-Fi Titanium, which is PCI-E.

    The company won't whisper sweet words to you or make your bed in the morning, but then most tech companies aren't exactly known for communicating well and treating their customers properly. The few that do stand out considerably.
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