which HD4870?

Which brand of HD4870 would you rather purchase: Sapphire, Gigabyte or Powercolor?
I know there should be minimum or no difference in performance between different brands but still, i'm very picky when it comes to that. Please help me choose
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  1. Look for customer service and warranties, factory overclocked versions or different cooling. Apart from that, there is no difference.
  2. Hi,
    I used several powercolor cards and customer ad support suks..U should go with sapphire or Gigabyte
  3. thanks for your opinions. i've found out that warranty for gigabyte and gecube is 24 months, and only 12 months for sapphire and powercolor. And since gigabyte is more popular company i think i'll go with gigabyte.
    i've tried to google stuff about support for the two companies but haven't found anything yet
  4. Powercolor cards are good, but as T2bus said, their customer support is terrible. I'd even go as far as to say it is non-existent. I haven't had much fun with gigabyte either, they took 2 months to get back to an email of mine apologising for the delay and not even answering my question. I'd completely forgotten I even emailed them by then. But that is just my bad luck I guess, others probably love Gigabyte's customer support.
  5. Curious ...Does anyone know the Warranty period for asus cards?
  6. the gigabyte cards have great fans on them which keep the 4870 at lower temps
  7. They all have stock fans, there's no difference in them.

    Where did you get that from, considering you don't even have a 4870?
  8. Whats HIS like?
  9. I bought a VisionTek and it works great! Life time warranty and free tech phone line. Dont know how good it is though, I havent had to call it yet.
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