New (first!) gaming build $1700 limit updated

Hi all. This is my first build ever and I am very concerned with making sure that all of my parts will work together. I want to mainly make sure that there are no problems with the brands I picked. I also want to know if there are any improvements that I can make. The current build I want comes out to $1,495 with out mail-in rebates. I can spend up to $1700 if there is anything I can improve on. I also do not need a monitor. My current one is 22 inches at 1680x1050.

I plan on playing newer games such as crysis and stalker. I will not overclock because I am afraid that I will do something wrong and damage my hardware. I want a Crossfire motherboard because some time in the future crossfire will be much better then it is now (hopefully). I also don't want to go with a quad core yet because I can't buy one at 3.0ghz and most games don't take advantage of them yet. Here is what I have so far.

Updated build:


ASUS P5E LGA 775 Intel X38. This will do crossfire with two 4870s in the future right?

POWERCOLOR AX4870. Planing to do crossfire later.

ABS 900 watts


CORSAIR DOMINATOR 4GB (2 x 2GB). Might be over kill since I don't plan to overclock.

500Gb HDD. Does the motherboard come with the cables to plug this in?


Vista 64

Cpu cooler

Wrist strap

Total = $1,495.40

I guess my major questions are how can I improve this or is it good now? Will all the stuff work together? Do I have to buy anything else?

Planing to order this weekend. Thanks in advance!
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  1. If your not planning to overclock, then you don't need that cpu cooler as the stock fan runs fine.
  2. if i where you i will change the PSU and pick
    save some bucks
    if not overclocker
    go with
    for cooler yes Zalman is great but i love this too
    or go with cnpc9700
    for Ram you will not benfit from it that much imo
    go with this to save some more
    other than that
    its a nice system
  3. Good choice on the Ram thanks! I don't want to use a stock fan because I have had problems with those in the past.

    I like that PSU but there are a lot of complaints that it is long. Will it fit in my case without getting in the way of anything?
  4. There is nothing wrong with the stock fan. You may have had problems because you didn't seat it correctly (The push pin's are terrible, we know). Just make sure you have it seated correctly, and it will do its job no problem.

    Also, a better PSU is the Cosair 750TX, has great reviews, pretty cheap, and works well. Will also be enough to do CF w/ two 4870's.

    Also the RAM that chechnyan linked is ok, but its better to get DDR2 800, because the "mhz" doesn't matter as much as the timings, and since you arn't going to overclock, DDR2 800 will be no worse than DDR2 1066. The RAM you orginially linked was better, (better timings/voltage).
    Get this RAM:
    Great price, great timings, and great reviews.

    Evreything else looks great.
  5. My problem with my current stock fan is when my processor heats up while playing games the fan slows down. Once my processor get to a certain temp the fan stops totally. Then my computer makes a weird buzzing noise. In a few minutes my computer shuts down. I fix this by laying the computer down on its side and opening the side of the case. I then put a large fan on top of the case. This cools my CPU and makes my stock fan start to spin again. I have to keep the fan on at all times while my computer is on. That is why I want a 3rd party cooler.

    As for the Ram you linked it looks good thank you.
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