No Data ISO On Disk After Apparent Succesfull Burn

All of a sudden my laptop stopped burning discs. I was trying to burn a iso using imgburn starts burning says burning at 3.4kbs it says complete no errors but discs stay blank. tried to burn cd using realplayer same results, deleted upper and lower filters ect no avail, Tried Nero 9 and DVD Fab Nope.
Drive plays games and music cds no probs. Is The drive kapput or is there something i overlooked maybe. hmmmmmmmmmmm my imapi.exe service has gone as well any ideas where i can get it or a 3rd party replacement ect
tried deep burner ect


Its an ACER 5920G running VISTA HOME PREMIUM 32 Bit.
Many Thanks.
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  1. Make sure you don't have option Simulation enabled, and try ImgBurn again.
    If you suspect this is a software issue, you could also try another interface (I/O - Interface in ImgBurn. I recommend SPTI).
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