What exactly do I need to run 4870's in Crossfire Mode?

Im getting conflicting information from various sources. I am building a new system and want to eventually run ATI 4870's in crossfire mode..

What exactly do I need to make sure my other components have? Im getting the recommended thermaltake 750w power supply listed on ATI's website but they don't list any other information. ie: For example, I am assuming I need an X48 based motherboard. I plan on getting the intel 9450 proc. I was going with a DDR3 based board (Asus P5E3) but people have been talking me out of DDR3 and I might go with DDR2 now.

I just wanna make sure that dual 4870's are supported.

Thanks for any info,
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  1. You need a mobo with 2xPCI-E 16x, that is, a motherboard with two full 16 lanes PCI-E slots. You don't need to get very worried if those slots are 1.1 or 2.0: 2.0 video cards are backwards compatible with 1.1 slots, and the gain you get from 2.0 is minimal. Of course, because 2.0 slots are current today, if you can buy a mobo with them, great.
    You don't need to get a Intel X48. It's a great mobo, but you'll get stuck with DDR3, which does not make sense today in terms of price/performance.
    If you enjoy the X48 chipset, you can find several models with DDR2 support.
    Remember: you're not stuck to DDR3 because you went with X48.
    Anyway, you can also go for a X38 mobo. It's also great and it's cheaper. Check Intel X38 mobo. It's compatible with DDR2 and it's a great mobo.
  2. 1 - Two 4870
    2 - Crossfire Mobo
    3 - Mighty PSU
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