All USB mass storage device icons vanish when only one is safely removed?

I have Windows Vista on my HP desktop pavillion computer. When I click on the safely remove hardware icon and then remove teh selected device, all icons for the other devices vanish and are no recognized. The only solution I have found is to restart my computer and then all the drives and devices once again appear and are recognized. I have tried all of the usual fixes such as "Show hidden devices" , 'Referesh", etc. These have no effect. Any suggestions are most welcome.
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  1. i am going to guess that all the "other devices vanishing" is due to those devices sharing the same say 20-in-one card reader? right now i have a 30-in-one card reader that uses usb and when i plug it in i can see new drives H,I,J,k and L pop up. however when i safely remove one of those 5 drives they all disapear, they dont reapear untill i replug the usb cable. i have also once owned a hp pavillion computer and had the same "problem" and only restarting my computer made those drives come back (as you are allready doing). the only other fix i can think of is somehow converting that pavillions card reader to use usb and have the cable come out of the case and plug into a usb port in the front of the computer, this way when you safely remove the card you can unplug it and replug it to gain the devices back instead of having to restart the computer. hope this helps :)
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