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Ok, so I bought a P128 SSD from Corsair and originally used it as my hdd in my MBP 13" I have decided to get rid of my mac so I put the disk in my PC and tried to install the OS on it. It say I cannot due this because it is GPT partitioned. So I went in DiskPart and tried to convert it to MBR but it won't let me. I has a 200mb EFI partition and when I attempt to delete that my pc freezes and I have to reboot. So what can I do so I can use it as my primary disk?


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  1. Only way I know is to boot from something like a PartedMagic or Gparted CD and (carefully) delete the existing partition table (make certain you are on the right drive).
  2. Download UBCD. Then run KillDisk to wipe out the SSD. Then create a partition using Windows.
  3. Yeah this is an excellent opportunity to write zeroes to the entire storage space of the SSD, to also reset its performance level to factory standards and wipe the GPT config at the same time.
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