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Ari or Water cooing case.

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August 15, 2008 12:21:31 PM

Im interested in buying a new Case since my old 1 "is 2 old".

Considerating the fact that some High-End air coolers performe even better than a "All In One" water coolers, im starting to doubt buying a water cooled system.

So to the matter:

-Q6600 (2.4 intending to OC to 3.0 minimum 4.0 maximum, meaning that with 3.5 im v happy but ill never push it over 4.0)
-Asus Rampage Formula
-Corsair Dominator 2x2GB PC6400 4-4-4-12.
-Sapphire 4850 in crossfire (intending to OC to "MAX SAFE POSSIBLE", all stable and temperatures not going over 95C, but this is yet to be studied).
-Samsung spinpoint TDJ166 500GB.
-Thermaltake toughtpower 750W.

2.AIR COLLED SYSTEM: Would be "something like this"

-CPU fan: Thermalright UlTra Extreme with 2 140mm fans (Rpm from 1200-2000,max airflow per fan 132cfm) // Vendeta 2
-Gpu cooling: Accero Twin Turbo on each GPu (asuming it would even fit),eventually HR-03 GT with some fans if they fit.
-Case would be 1 of the following: Cosmos S,Armor+(with 140mm fans everywhere possible :D ),or some other like Zero from that XZTX or something. I could try to get Tempset perhaps, but with antec 900/1200 i think are a bit outdated nowdays.( Any suggestions welcome, but plz add some link to a testing page so i can compare airflow, inside temperatures, etc; otherway it wont tell me much).

3.WATER COOLED SYSTEM: Here is where it gets tricky.

-Thermaltake kandalf LCS (i add links at end about why i pick this 1)
-"Custom case with some good water cooling kit" (Note that i would need the GPU blocks for the Graph card, not just for the Procesor but for the Ram also)
a.EK custom kit (CPU block EK-Supreme, Northbridge[optional] EK-NB S-MAX, GPUs MCW60 with MCW-Ramcool Water-Block, Water Pump EK-DDC X-RES 140 and the radiator ThermoChill PA 120.3.// 3 fans Xilence XPF120

b.Swiftech custom kit (CPU block Apogee GTX or some newer version, Northbride[optional] MCW30, GPUs MCW60 with MCW-RamCooler, Water pump swiftech MCP655, Radiator MCR320-QP with 6 120MM fans (3 each side).
Now here are the links by groups (some one im groups due to the fact i compared diffrent testings)

Swiftech GPU blocks:

PC CUSTOM Water Cooling kits Tests:

Now here are the tests from overclockers Club from diffrent Cases ( Note that in the tests the settings arent always the same, meaning some cases are tested with diffrent CPUs/GPUs not to forget they use not Vendetta2/True + TwinTurbo).
All Pages are in the "testing" section where there are temperatures regarding diffrent parts of the computer.

So, what would u guys pick? im mainly thinking about Kandalf LCS since the custom kits + custom case would go over 500E, and thats sorta crazy.


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August 15, 2008 12:35:11 PM

well the ultimate sae for Water cooling or cooling in general (in My opinion; and lots of other people) is the temaple that is the coolermater stacker.

but if that is out of your price range the 690 is also pretty good. although many other cases are good such as the Anet 300 and 900.

as for air vs water; i personally dont water cool but i certainly see the attraction, quieter and cooler. however there are very good air cooling solution like the zalman flower coolers and the thermaltake 120, and there are also some very good cheap solutions liek the CM hyper TX2. and yes, if you intend to water cool, do it properly with compoent parts, rather than kits. also work out what your going to WC, ie just the CPU or go with a full out, Northbridge; GPU; CPU and even HDD?

if it's just the CPU you will proberly want an entirely internal solotuion, although if your doing it all you may want ot go for the external rad and resouvoiur (spelt very wrong). although this has a habbit of rendering your system stationary whihc is why i would alway go internal, but that is my opinion.

i have recently got a 4850 (saphire 512) and you really do need a third party cooler, mine is 80 - 85, there is a mod which will reduce to 75 but any more than that it just get loud.

from what my firends have done i would also recommend using the lage pipe size standard rather than the thinner one opted by many kits.

im sorry i couldnt give a better answer but i hope some of this helps; the best thing to do is make a descision you will be happiest with and stick with it.
August 15, 2008 12:47:27 PM

Finally i was thinking about the SwordM Thermaltake case, but its at for 389 $ and i dont know how much would it cost and if possible to get it to spain.
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August 15, 2008 1:29:55 PM

cats_Paw said:
Finally i was thinking about the SwordM Thermaltake case, but its at for 389 $ and i dont know how much would it cost and if possible to get it to spain.

This is a nice case for watercooling:
Performance PCs will ship worldwide (I buy their stuff in the UK) and will send it US Postal rather than FedEx/UPS which cost a fortune and are very diligent about collecting customs, duties, charges, etc., etc.!!

That case is totally modular so you can put things where you want. Being aluminum you can chop it up easily!!

The top panel is screwed on and you can get a replacement 3-way Lian Li rad. laser cut top for it (for Black Ice/Swiftech spaced rads.) - probably from Performance PCs. With a Thermochill PA120.3 you can unscrew the top section and send it off somewhere local to have it Laser cut. I can drill blow holes but cutting a rad. template is much harder!!

New kid on the block:
which I think has standard rad. spacing so might fit in:

I would also go watercooled - its nicer long term (since you can carry parts over when you upgrade). Definitely quieter for a high overclock!! Once you get the bug you get hooked. Its nice to move the heat dissipation away from the sites of production to one location (I prefer to watercool everything: HD, chipset, RAM, CPU, GPU!!).

There is loads of info on the:
You will find a dissipation graphs for the PA series rads. Comparisons of rads. Even comparisons of fan noise vs. speed when cooling a PA series radiator...
Marci is renowned for his water cooling knowledge (he runs the company).

I have tried the Thermaltake cases before but they are horribly "plastic" and rather flimsy. Lian Li or Silverstone are a better bet IMHO. :sol: 


PS Sorry but I am a Lian-Li fanboiiii :sol:  whenever someone mentions Thermaltake tower cases I start to feel queasy... :crazy: 

August 15, 2008 1:38:46 PM

Finally i was thinking about the SwordM Thermaltake case, but its at for 389 $ and i dont know how much would it cost and if possible to get it to spain and im adding a table that i created to compare kandalf with air cooled cases:

CPU(Idle/Load) GPU(Idle/Load) Processor type Case Temperature

ANTEC 900 36/68 64/83 E6600(3600) X

Armor+ 34/52 41/62 Q9450(2664) X

Kandalf LCS 24/35 XX/XX Athlon64x2 (3175) X

Xaser VI 32/51 41/60 E6750(2664) X

Tempset 34/51 44/64 Q9450(2664) X

Cosmos S 22/41 34/49 Core2Duo(3400) X

Now, anyone knows how much heat would theose processors produce in the current overcloking to compare?
August 15, 2008 1:42:45 PM

agred but thermaltake are cheaper, and the "feeling" or the "looks" dont bohter me, just pure performance per Euro :D .

I want to get something like this: cpu oc to 3500, gou oc to 700/1150-1200.

If with kandalf kit for water cooling thats enought and stable/safe, i get it, and change the water coolin in the future (mayb add the Module for gpu ram water cooling if needed).
August 15, 2008 2:24:27 PM

Finally i was thinking about the SwordM Thermaltake case, but its at for 389 $ and i dont know how much would it cost and if possible to get it to spain

Maybe you didn't read my note above... That is why I mentioned Performance-PCs.

They do Thermaltake cases as well if that is what floats your boat...

NewEgg won't ship international.

August 16, 2008 9:49:34 AM

2 bad no international, but i saw reviews on sword M and looks bad in performance.
In fact kandals LCS beats sword and armor lcs in performance (and does not require the monstrous 850+W power supply :D 
August 17, 2008 9:27:08 AM

oh thx ill check there.
August 17, 2008 9:35:21 AM

nvm, performance pc costs are crazy in shipping. from 300 $ to over 500, no thx :D .
August 17, 2008 2:31:28 PM

cats_Paw said:
nvm, performance pc costs are crazy in shipping. from 300 $ to over 500, no thx :D .

Ah my bad - maybe the UK-USA links are better?? I am looking at $10.00-$40.00 USD usually which is roughly equivalent to the postage costs for overclockers here in the UK (~ 8.00 GBP)!! Plus I can get goods without VAT and then (usually) they slip under the customs radar if I don't buy anything too bulky (sweet) - so no duty or import charges either... :sol: 

August 18, 2008 12:55:18 PM

well, in spain cheapest kandalf i can get is 233 E, thats 342 $.
Prices might still drop due to the fact that there is a world economical crysis, and in spain its even worse.
Anyway im planing to buy it around last days of August.