3dmark06 low score?!

Hey guys im just wondering i think my 3dmark06 score is a little to low for the pc i have i scored (total) 13025... SM 2.0 Score 5364 SM 3.0 Score 5512 CPU Score 4209.
here is my rig:
intel core 2 quad q6600 @3.0ghz
msi p6n diamond (X-FI sound)
4gig of OCZ oc 900mhz
Nvidia 9800gx2 @ 715/1100
Lite-On Blue-ray
500gb x1
80gb x1
Antec 500 Earthwatt
Window vista
Ultimate 32-bit
22" lcd acer monitor
Logitech X-540 5.1 Speaker System

(using default 3dmark06 settings)
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  1. I have a Q6600; @ 3.4 my 9800gtx was getting about 14,500. At 4.0ghz, my 9800gtx gets about 16,000. You have a GX2 card, so I would expect higher. I got the scores you see with my old 8800GTS 640...
  2. hmmm maybe my cpu is bottleneck but the score seems way to low, but when i game my system performs well. i play crysis at 1680x1050 all very high, vsync enables, no aa, (dx10) and i avg about 30fps. that seems pretty good for crysis to me.
  3. That does seem a bit low but i wouldnt say your cpu is the bottleneck. 4209 is an ok score for the Q6600 being 3Ghz but i would expect more from the 9800gx2 at those clocks, probably nearer 16-17K. How fresh is your install? I usually find that the score can drop from a small amount to quite a substantial amount depending on certains things and i usually do benchmarks after installing a fresh vista.
    I wouldnt be too bothered by the benchmark score anyway, as long as the games run fine like you say. Just start to worry when you get frame lag ingame.
  4. It looks like 3dmark is only using one GPU core. Is there any way of telling whether it actually sees sli setup or not?
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