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Hey all,
I just bought parts for a new computer yesterday and now I need to figure out what OS I should use. Since I am getting 4 GB of ram (can expand up to 16) I need a 64 bit system and was wondering if XP 64 or Vista 64 is the way to go.

P.S. I already ran into a similar thread that was a year old, but I am assuming both OSs have matured since then.
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  1. New parts in a new computer and Service Pack 1 Vista64 makes the most sense to me.
    Should have no problems.
  2. Vista 64. Have had it for a long time now and still love it. Beats the pants off XP in my book.
  3. less of a headache to go with vista x64 instead of xp64.
  4. I've been running Windows XP-64 for nearly two years now with nary a problem. My recommendation would be to go with Vista 64 SP1. It's a new system. Might as well go with the new OS as well.

    -Wolf sends
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