Noob raid0 questions

Got a couple of questions about raid0 (yes i know that if 1 fail, both hdd would lose data)

1. Does raid0 provide a significant increase in performance when gaming?

2. Samsung Spinpoint is $55 for 500gb, so 110 for 2 pcs to get raid0. The 1tb version is $80. Is the performance boost (2a.for gaming, 2b. For evrything else) worth paying $30 for raid0?

3. Do both hdd have to be the same for raid0? If yes, what do you mean same? Same size? Same rpm? Or everything the same, down to the brand?
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    1) no, except load times (a little shorter, not much)
    2) no (see 1 about a/b)
    3) same size
  2. Ok. Thanks. Just saved $30
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