Q6600 temp... question?


Here the temp of my Q6600 at 3 ghz.

temp max was 76 oC after 3 hours of prime95 plus simple aplication in same time (internet..).

it took 2 hours to get at this temp and after stay the same...

I have a submerged oil cooling system....


Is it to hot ?

I'd like to know what would be the temp for the same cpu under air cooler and water cooling?
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  1. That looks like one of those Zalman CPU fans right?

    You might get better temps by getting another CPU cooler, i.e Scythe Mugen II but I don't know how your going to replace it since the cooler is probably sealed to prevent water damage.
  2. Yes it's a zalman wich I wasn't using before because of bad cooling performance... but I decide to put it because of the looks it give to the case.

    The cpu never go over 55 oC in my normal use of the computer. As I said you have to run it to it's maximun for a while before having higt temp .

    I will replace maybe later if I need better cooling wich I can do "kind" of easly because I design the case to be easy to work with.
    (still it's oil... :heink: )
  3. You just need to decide - which is more important, cooling performance or looks. And with transparent case bottom, we pretty much know. :)

    Still, I do like the industrial look of the case.
  4. A bigger heatsink will not help. The oil absorbs the heat just fine, so to get temperatures down, you need to cool the oil. if you pump the oil through an external radiator and back in, it should lower temps. The plastic/plexi enclosure is a better insulator than heat conductor. Puget Systems has examples of this. http://www.pugetsystems.com/submerged.php
  5. Hi,

    I have a cooling system which is a MagiCool Xtreme Nova 1080 radiator and a 360 mm fan.
    It is connected to a Koolance PMP-450 high flow pump.

    I know that my fan/radiator is a bit to close from the tank wich blow on it hot air... and maybe that the fan isn't really good. I choose it because it was quiet and the air flow is good but it doesn't cover the complete surface of the radiator...

    The cooling performance are good for my general use of the computer,

    But I like to know if 76 oC at the maximum frequency is to hot ?

    As I said I get this temp only after 2 hours of prime95 no stop...
  6. topping out at 76 is OK, but not great. Think about what is generating heat. Power Supply, Motherboard, CPU, Memory, and video devices. stress the video card at the same time and see what happens, the extra heat may push it further.

    You have found that the amount of heat you are generating overall balances with the amount of heat you are dissipating when your temperatures level off at 76C, but you have to push the rest of your system.

    Additionally, what do your other sensors read at? or better yet, put a thermometer into the oil, what temperature is it at max load?
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