Samsung hard drive refuses to come back after sleep/hibernate

I've been having this problem for a few months now. When the computer wakes from a sleep or hibernate state, my data drive (a 1TB Samsung Spinppoint) occasionally fails to come back with it, and the operating system no longer recognises that it even exists. This only happens when the drive is run in AHCI mode. If I switch it to IDE mode the problem goes away. It's easily fixed with a reboot, but it's becoming a pain. My system drive is a Samsung Spinpoint 500Gb running in AHCI mode, which never experiences this fault.

Initially I believed there was something wrong with my motherboard, which had already been diagnosed as faulty, but the problem continued after the MB was changed. This has now happened under three separate configurations:

ASUS P5K Premium WiFi motherboard with Vista (64-bit)
Gigabyte P35 DS3R motherboard with (Vista 64-bit)
Gigabyte P35 DS3R motherboard with Windows 7 (64-bit)

Otherwise, the disk works perfectly, and diagnostics reveal no problem.

Any suggestions gratefully received.

Steve S.
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  1. Maybe a firmware/driver upgrade is in order if worse comes to worse. If I recall correctly though, you should be able to adjust the power settings for the drive (i.e. when it turns off, when it comes back on, etc...) through Windows' power options. It should be in the advance power options. Give that a whorl and see what happens.
  2. Hi
    I've got exactly the same problem
    It is using it as a second drive where it will not wake up. ( I keep programs on C: and all data on E:)

    Samsung HD103UJ 1TB Drive
    Asus M4A79XTD EVO Motherboard, I'm sure is not the problem
    I've tried Maxtor Maxline II 250GB and Hitachi 0A34515 500Gb on the system without any other changes and they work fine.
    I've emails Samsung
    We wait to see what happens
  3. Hi
    Me again
    After a bit of rummaging around I came across someone who said that there was a bug in Windows 7 AHCI Driver
    So I turned it off in the Bios and now all seems to be coming back from SLEEP OK.
    On my Asus Board it is under "Storage Configuration", I just change "On Chip Type" to IDE and all seems fine
  4. We use alot of Samsung Hard Drives and of all the drives have found them to be from the most reliable.
    We have found though that some controller cards are not their biggest fans..
    Samsung tech support (non oem) drives offers great support. if you are finding drives not waking up - i would bet on the controller card and/or ahci driver settings.
    good luck
    Moti Mitteldorf
  5. What is the capacity of your PSU? How optical and HDD drives do you have on your system?
  6. I have in my desktop 2 samsung 1.5 tb drives. they work perfectly.
    what i love about them is that they run extremely cool.

    Steve Zakheim
    Brooklyn NY
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