22 inch gaming display needed

I am in the market for a 22 inch Gaming LCD and i have been very unsuccessful in finding a good recommendation for one that you can actually buy on today's market.
I just want a monitor that is excellent for gaming on my computer, no other hook ups required, no dvd watching, just gaming! The 24 inch screens are to big and have large input lag issues, plus they won't fit on my desk any way.
Internet searching has provided me with irritation, as most sites are old reviews from 2006/2007 and those recommendations are either discontinued or you can only buy refurbished models (no Thanks!)

Also a gaming monitor needs to have fast response times, which alot of the 22 inchers don't have.
I was able to find one site that has comparisons with rendering - Digital Versus

What i have found
The Iiyama ProLite E2201W = Can't buy in the USA :-(
The Samsung SyncMaster 226bw = discontinued
The Samsung SyncMaster 2232bW/2232GW = discontinued, panel selection to confusing and hard to find the right panel
The Samsung Syncmaster T220 = New to the market, haven't found to many good reviews and doesnt' look too good for FPS gaming.
The Dell e228w = forget it, crappy monitor
The Asus VW222u = looks to be decent? But see reivews about it being really poor color wise..

What else should i be looking at to play strictly high matrix gaming?

Please Help?
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  1. any samsung
  2. any samsung
  3. i have the Samsung SyncMaster 2253BW and it is worth every penny :)
  4. 2353BW FTW! I have a 2053BW and it is the BEST monitor I've ever spent money on. 2253BW is just 2" bigger with different dot pitch. Any Samsung monitor is good.
  5. i've got a samsung 2253lw, same as bw except 21.6" instead of 22" (boohoo). Was going to buy the bw, but got a great deal on this one.

    anyway, response is excellent. As good as it gets for gaming on an lcd for under a grand. I've yet to notice any ghosting, or blur with this monitor. Get a 53 series samsung, you won't be disapointed
  6. I own a 2492HM (brand new model in the past few months), and it is the most amazing monitor I have ever used in my life. Although it is 24", and 1080p w/HDMI if I need (xbox); any Samsung monitor that is of a new model will do just fine. The model (2353 / 2253 / 2053) that everyone is suggesting is just fine. Just to let you know; any NEW MODEL monitors that are 24" are fine for gaming... Mine is 5ms, 10,000:1 Contrast (means nothing, I know), but I have never had any issues whatsoever with lagging or anything.

    Good luck, and let us know which model you purchase and how you like it.

    My two cents.
  7. Ok, First let me say thank you for the suggestions...

    I believe i have it narrowed down to 2
    problem is which to choose..

    The 2253BW looks good, hard to find any technical reviews with responce times and lag input data, but people say is the upgrade of the 226bw
    Then the LG L226wty-bf which looks good to, found specs and looks decent for gaming.

    2253bw has a crapy stand, L226WTY doesn't come with a DVI cable,


    any body have any test data on either of these monitors i might be missing?

    Really leaning towards the samsung..
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