Nearly Full 300 GB or 1/3 Full 1 TB Drive -- Which is Better?

I have about 200 GB of gaming software/data which might rise as high as 250 GB in the next year or two.

As I assemble a new rig, I have a choice between two WD drives -- a 300 GB 10,000 rpm HDD or a 1 TB 7200 rpm HDD.

Any thoughts whether it would be better to use the fast drive at 67-80% full versus the slower drive at 20-30% full?

Thank you.
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  1. Hm that's interesting.

    The velociraptors should be faster, but if the apps/games are scattered throughout the disk, a 1TB HDD could be faster if all data is close to eachother, for example by forcing this by partitioning in a smart way.

    I'd say if there is a performance difference, its not big enough to really experience it as being clearly faster. Though i would still bet my money on the velociraptor even when fully used.
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