p45 help!!!

hi, i currently own a p45 biostar motherboard, im cinfused on what the jumpers are for?
do they have something to do with setting crossfire?
if no, how do u set crossfire? just plug in the second card?
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  1. Did you look in the manual?

    There are 3 Biostar P45 boards. Which one do you have?
  2. Perhaps you could share which Biostar P45 Mb you have?
    Have you read the manual yet?
    It has tons of useful information.

    Crossfire should either be automatic or set through the BIOS.
  3. So that would be page 20 in your manual.

    You can download the manual here if you lost it:
  4. Yup, you beat me to it twice in a row.
    Nica Guy, all you needed to do was open the manual (or DL it from the link above).
    With open eyes, the answer will be obvious.
  5. lost the manual thanks for the link!!!!
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