Need to download Windows XP I386 Files

yesterday I found I no longer had a volume icon on my taskbar I used command promt to look for the i386 folder and it's gone.where can I download this file? I think my partitioned drive is messed up because D: is now my DVD drive.
Any help would be greatly appreciated,
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  1. That folder will be on your XP disc.

    Your volume icon may simply be hidden. Right click on the taskbar-->properties-->customize-->find the volume icon, and make sure the behavior column is set to always show.
  2. It is a folder on the XP installation CD. If you can access windows explorer, it will show the drives and the respective letters assigned. Or, if you can access My Computer, then right click, select Manage, go to Disk Management, which will show the drives XP recognizes and their respective letters.
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