CPU will not power up (DIY package)


I bought a DIY PC package from Tigerdirect.

Anyway, I've assembled the mobo into the case, installed the power supply and connected it to the mobo; installed the RAM; installed the CPU and cooler and connected the case controls (reset, power, led's, usb, etc) to the case wiring.

When I flip the power switch on, I get an LED on the MOBO to light (+5v). I hit the power switch and nothing. after trial and error, I find that if I hold the power switch in (depressed) for about 10secs and then press the power switch again, the CPU fan spins as though it gets power for brief moment and then dies down. No beeps from the MOBO or anything. If I hold the power on button in for 10secs again, I can repeat the short lived spinning for the CPU cooler fan but that's it.

Any thoughts on how to proceed?


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  1. It sounds like a bad power supply. Do you have access to another for testing purposes?
  2. Yes..I can strip one out of an old case that I'm not using. I'll give it a try when I'm back home.
  3. I'd take the MB out of the case and run it on the cardboard box it came in, to rule out any shorts, and not use any of the case switches (since that maybe the problem). To turn the system on, all you need is a flat head screw driver to jump the power switch pin.

    turn on PSU without motherboard - the 'paperclip trick'

    Also, You can try the above trick to test the PSU before taking the MB out to rule out if the PSU is messing up.
  4. Theres a little 4pin plug to the left of the CPU. Have you plugged the 4 pin power in to that as well. If not that is the problem. If you did the PSU is likely bad. I bet you forgot the 4pin, it is a common mistake.
  5. I plugged in the 4 pin power connector. I'll try the other tricks suggested as well.
  6. What CPU cooler are you using? If it uses the push pins, did you FULLY engage all four? When you push down on the last one, the opposite one often comes loose, They must ALL be fully engaged, otherwise CPU will overheat and cause system to trip out.
    You have mounted the motherboard on standoffs? :whistle:
  7. The mobo is mounted on standoffs and the CPU cooler is fully attached...but thanks for the ideas. I'll likely have to wait till tomorrow to test the power supply and/or remove the MOBO and run it outside the case.
  8. I had this problem a while back. My problem turned out to be the case connectors. I tried starting the computer outside of the case and it turn on just fine.

    Instead of a screwdriver to jump the MB I just use a jumper. Put the jumper on the power switch pins, start the computer as you would normally and take the jumper off before it POST's. If you uncomfortable doing it this way a screwdriver works just fine.
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