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I'm brand new here, so if I'm posting this in the wrong place, please let me know. My father has an HP Pavilion that quit working recently. His screen went white with vertical lines all over. After an hour or so, he finally pulled the power cord to shut it down. Now it won't start for him.

I checked the power cords to make sure they were secure. I tried the plug in a known-good outlet. (That was being used for another device, so I know it had power.)

When I plug it in, the green light on the back of the power supply lights green for a moment and then gets very dim. There is no fan noise or any other sign of life when it is plugged in. Pressing the power button does absolutely nothing. No sign of life at all.

His power supply is a Bestec BST ATX-1523D D4 (Rev 4)
The computer is a Pavilion 510C.

Does anyone have any thoughts on what the problem might be? I can replace the power supply if that is the problem, but I want to narrow it down before throwing money at the problem and randomly replacing things. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. I work a lot with HP computers
    I will try to help.

    Does the fan of the Power Supply speen?
  2. The power supply being the problem is definelty a possiblility. I would have to asking the same question as shayx. Does the fan on the power supply spin? If it doesn't, and your not seeing much life anywhere else, then yes it probably is your PSU. If you have another PSU you could tempoaraily swap in, just to eliminate (or confirm) the problem, then that will tell you if it really is the power supply or not. Another possiblity is your graphics card. This would be my first suggestion except that you said that your not hearing anything from your PSU. I'd also check your power button. Make sure that it is connected to the correct pins (unlikely that it isn't but it never hurts to check).
  3. The power supply fan does not spin. I will check the button. Should the green light stay full green on the back normally? Would that also be another indication that the PSU is bad?
  4. the led could be on. but if the fan doesn't spin it's gone.
    replace the PSU
    The psu fan is self relied, unlike other components that feed from the psu.
  5. If the led is flashing then you can unplug the 20 pin or 24 pin depending on model and led stops flashing and becomes bright then most likely psu is ok and you have a mobo issue. Had 2 pavilions do this now and rather than replace mobo i fiddle with psu cord and mobo connector. If you can get the cpu fan to click and briefly spin you got connection and can power up unit. This takes a great deal of patience unless you just get lucky. Used to work every timefor me until i got smart and pavilions are all on battery back ups now.
    Oh ya btw this issue once it happens will generally happen every time you lose power hence the back ups good luck if if there is enuff demand for technique demonstration perhaps I'll make a utube video
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