Need help with Access Point!

I need help with Access Point. I bought an access point and a wireless adaptter. I installed the adaptor in a computer. then hooked up the wireless access point to my wired network. I have a wired router hook up to a cable modem. But no matter how many times i tried, i couldn't get the comp with the wireless adapter to connect to the Internet. I already set it to "infrastructure mode" . But it still didn't work. So what do I need to do? please help, thx.
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  1. are you picking up an IP address from the router?
    are you running WEP or WPA?
    Dynamic IP address on your client machine?
    What OS?
  2. RTFM would be a good place to start. What have you done so far to try to troubleshoot it? Forget about the internet. That is well down the line of concerns if you have no connectivity. Can you ping the router from the client machine?

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