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I have a very simple home Network, two machines running on a RT314 gateway router. I just upgrade my one machine to win2k pro, my other maching is still running win98se. Both machines are identified in Network Neighbor hood. My problem is that I can't map a network connection on my 98 machine to my win2k machine. It keeps asking for a Network password!!
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  1. Hope <A HREF="" target="_new"> this </A> will help you greatly. Just don't take the Win95 references.
    As for me, actually, I found it as a wonderful guide. The best one on Win2000/Win9x networking, deserves to be published.
  2. common problem. Usually happens if you aren't logged on as the exact same user on both machines. My way around that was to to allow anonymous logon on the w2k box. First go to "local security policy" under "computer management". Then under Local Policies/User Rights assignment/Access this computer from the network. Just add Anonymous logon to this key.
    2nd, the built in guest account was enabled, and 3rd allow anonymous user access to each share you want to access this way.
    Or log on to every machine with the same name/pass. Both ways work. :)
  3. Thanks, Nickm, Jasen. The information was most useful.
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