What causes your mouse icon to just disappear off the screen?

My mouse just disappeared off my screen on my computer. So now the only time I can see it is when I am getting the circle showing that something is loading. This happened last night and I did a system restore and it fixed the problem for about a half an a hour. Then it just disappeared again for no reason. HELP!!!
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  1. I'm not sure but here are my experiences in Windows 7.

    Sometimes when typing in Skype, I hit something (I don't know what) and my mouse pointer disappears. I'm not sure what gets it back as I'm usually frantically moving the mouse around and hitting keys :) It might be alt-tab.

    I have a monitor connected to my laptop in an extended mode. Sometimes I lose track of where the mouse pointer is between the 2 screens and even moving the mouse around doesn't make it visible. I have therefore set Windows 7 to show me the location of my mouse when I press Ctrl. To enable this, go to Control Panel, Hardware and Sound, Devices and Printers, Mouse, Mouse Settings, Pointer Options and tick the box.
    There are also other visibility options under Mouse Settings - Pointer Options that you may want to turn on or off, like Display pointer trails and Hide pointer while typing.
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