Hi, I'm new to overclocking and was thinking of getting into it.

After about 1 year of using a computer at stock settings, I think it's high time for me to overclock or at least get some experience doing so.
My specs (all at stock settings):
Chipset: DFI x38
RAM: 4GB g.skill ddr2 800
VisionTek 4870 512 GB (It came without a fan)
CPU: q9450 @2.67
Aside from that I have:
PSU: 750W
I use air cooling Air cooling: 5 of these and a stock fan
Case: Cooler Master Stacker 830

I might decide to upgrade my rig slowly but for now I want to gain experience and overclock my computer.
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  1. Read the C2D and C2Q overclocking sticky at the top of this forum, it'll help you alot.
  2. You will not get far on stock air.
  3. +1, I agree with jsc.
  4. Xyiitol said:

    Yes - those are considered "extra fans".

    These are random examples of "non-stock" cooling:



    IOW, removing as much heat as possible from the cpu as fast as possible.

    Stock cooling refers to using the cooler that comes with the purchased cpu. That cooler is designed to keep the cpu under red-line under normal, stock, operating conditions.
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