USB 2.0 vs Card Reader for Win7 Ready Boost

I am about to upgrade my system (XP Home 32bit) to Win7 Home 64bit.
My system only has 3gb of DDr2 ram, but I am getting 64bit for future upgradability.

I decided to to buy a separate flash drive to use for RB (readyboost) sicne I dont have tons of ram, but I am not sure if I should go with a USB 2.0 stick or a SDHC card (I have 12-in1 reader on my PC).

Which would provide the better performance ( I think I am looking for a 4gb either way).
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  1. anyone? I know u can purchase SD cards that offer up to 30mb write/read speeds, while I haven't seen any USB Drives that are over 15MB.
  2. Card readers are connected internally via USB, so it really doesn't make any difference. What's more important is the card reader/SD card speed vs. the USB Flash drive speed - they all come in a wide variety of speed classes. A 30MB/sec SD card won't do you any good if the card reader tops out at 10MB/sec.
  3. didnt know card readers were connected via USB, are all card readers connected via USB? I though i saw one that connected with SATA?
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