intel x-25m g2 ACHI vs RAID

I purchased 2x intel x25 80gb g2s last week. I put them in a raid 0 and have been loving it ever since. But recently I realized that my notebook would love one of these drives even better. So I plan on take one of the drives and putting them in my laptop and leaving the other in my desktop. The Raid 0 performance is great but not as important as the increase my laptop needs.

So I am just going to put an 80 gb my desktop and 80 in my notebook. My question is I noticed in my bios that even though I only have one drive I can still select raid.

Is this possible...should I select raid or just pick AHCI?? I have read if I pick raid I can just buy another intel drive later down the line when prices go down and put them in a raid without deleting everything. If this is true it would be a futureproof idea to select raid right?

Or was what I read the dumbest thing ever and I should just select ahci??

Any help is appreciated!!
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  1. If you're going to use one drive, select AHCI.

    Your idea may work, or may not, i have no experience with that. But generally if you can avoid using the RAID drivers its one thing less that can 'break' or cause problems. Using the native AHCI should work best, and using RAID it won't support the new TRIM function as far as i know.
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