Is that build ok? ~1600$ CDN

There is the build. Did I forgot something, any sugestion or comment . It is my first build help is apreciated :P.

CPU Intel Core 2 Duo E8400 3.0GHz Wolfdale 6MB 1333FSB 45nm


Memory 1 Kingbox DDR2 PC2-6400 2GB/800MHZ (Micron D9)

Memory 2 Corsair XMS2 TWIN2X2048-6400 2X1GB DDR2-800 CL 5-4-4-9

Motherboard ASUS P5N72-T Premium (3-way SLI,4DDR2,RAID,2GbLAN)

Hard Drive 1 Western Digital 250GB 7200RPM 16MB SATA II (WD2500AAKS)

Optical Drive 1 Samsung 20X SH-S203B SATA DVD+/-RW (Black)


Case Antec Nine Hundred Ultimate Gamer Case

Power Supply PC POWER & COOLING Silencer 750 Quad (Red) (S75CF)

LCD Samsung 2220WM 22" LCD (300/1000:1/5ms/Wide/Speaker)
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  1. looks good... don't know how long you want to keep the system... but you might look into upgrading to a quad core if its for any length of time....

    also you probably don't need a 750 watt power supply... a good 550 w one would do fine

    the video card... i'd honestly get the 4850... its very similar performance and has the edge in newer games... and try to get an intel chipset like a p45 or something... you don't need an nforce chipset... all i've heard is bad things about them... even though mine has been fine (680i)

    also maybe go to 4 GB? not necessary at all but w/e just my opinion =D

    and lastly... you need an operating system unless you like just building computers w/o having them run =P
  2. honestly 9800GTX and 4850 trade wins in games. 9800GTX+ is better than both even with extra $29 because of really good OC capability.
  3. Where are you buying from Archix? In Canada, is like our Newegg - Except they price match very well! Use to look around for the parts you pick, then on NCIX's site pricematch them to the sites you find via shopbot ;)

    I'm not sure about your memory situation... Do you want a total of 3gb? I'd try and buy the same brand if I were you and not mix and match. Also, I'd go for a 2x2gb kit of DDR2-800.

    I noticed that Samsung is the 5ms model. The 22" 2253 model has a faster response time of 2ms and can be found in Canada for around $270 (

    I'm not really a fan of nVidia motherboards... Do you plan on adding a second GTX down the road (SLI)? If not, I'd go with a P45 motherboard - Unless you'd be interested in going with ATI cards, like two 4850's or a 4870 and then another 4870 down the road - then I'd get an X38 motherboard!

    I believe that Heatsink got a good review here on Toms. I like the Kingwin or Xigmatek personally, don't have experience with Coolermaster one.

    You can save a few $ by getting the Coolermaster 690 case. I love that thing :)

    If you don't plan on adding more video cards, you can go down to a lower wattage PSU like Thogrom said. Corsair, PC Power and Cooling, and Antecs are my poisons of choice.


    And Operating sytem? If you want to get 4gb of memory, I'd probably get Vista 64. It's that or XP (32 bit). If you'd like to upgrade to 8gb of ram down the road, Vista 64 for sure.

    Good luck!
  4. o btw get a 20 " monitor... its going to look better at the same resolution...

    the reason why I didn't suggest the 9800 gtx+ is that its not out yet... comes out mid july
  5. Yes im planing to add 2x gtx a day... (3x gtx in SLI)
    already got an Operating system ( vista ultimate)
    and mouse (razer deathadder)
    and for keyboard i'm not set yet, ive think at the razer Lycosa 79.99$

    Im also planing to overclock it, this time not failling it. Poor Toshiba p30 :( i miss that laptop

    is the 9800gtx+ will be compatible in SLI with 9800 gtx ????????????
    And the website where i'm ordering this is : its based in Toronto Canada
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